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Paperfold v1.9 - Performance Improvements

20th November 2015

We've just pushed v1.9 to the App Store today.

This latest version of Paperfold includes a number of performance improvements and tweaks to the app.

We've added a Reply / Reply All option to the email detail screen.

We've also improved the way that your contacts are displayed while composing a new message.

There are a few improvemen...

Paperfold v1.8 Add Events with the New Calendar Tile

6th October 2015
Paperfold v1.8 Add Events with the New Calendar Tile

This time our update starts with a brand new Tile: The Calendar Tile.

The Calendar Tile shows up whenever you’re sent a calendar invite by email. Usually these invites are sent from calendar apps like Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar.

Paperfold recognises these email notifications and brings an ‘Add’ button to the front of the Tile.


Paperfold 1.7 Performance & Welcome Pages

21st September 2015
Paperfold 1.7 Performance & Welcome Pages

We're releasing an all new update for Paperfold today.

We've updated the welcome pages so that you can sign in easily using any email service.

After signing in, the app will take you through a couple of basic features of Paperfold, the Fold, the Quick Menu and the Accounts Panel.

From here you'll get taken to your inbox.

The secon...

Paperfold v1.6.1 Faster Filters & Improved Fonts

9th August 2015

Today, we're releasing an interim update for Paperfold. This version adds a speed improvement to the account filters.

We've also updated the font stack for a more consistent appearance when reading and replying to messages.

We've already started work on 1.7 which will bring some bigger improvements to the app, so stay tuned!

Paperfold v1.6 Attach Documents from the Cloud

20th July 2015
Paperfold v1.6 Attach Documents from the Cloud

Now you can send any file format through Paperfold.

We’ve added the ability to attach and send documents wherever they happen to be.

It doesn’t matter if they’re already on your iPad or sitting somewhere far away on your favourite cloud service.

Paperfold's new document selector supports attachments from iCloud and Box and if you’ve ...

Paperfold v1.5 Animates Medium Emails

16th June 2015
Paperfold v1.5 Animates Medium Emails

We've released Paperfold v1.5 today, adding support for emails from

Subscribers to, receive articles by email.

Paperfold recognises these emails and brings the article headlines and images to the front making them easier to see.

Read our article here at for more information:

<a href="https://medium...

Paperfold v1.4 adds Amazon Tiles support

9th June 2015
Paperfold v1.4 adds Amazon Tiles support

We've just added Amazon Tiles to Paperfold.

Now whenever you receive an order confirmation in the US or UK, you'll see a 'View Order' button.

This button will take you straight to Amazon's page in the next view.

But that's not all.

Now you can quickly filter by unread messages by tapping the unread indicator at the top of the screen...

Paperfold v1.3 adds Apple document support

3rd June 2015
Paperfold v1.3 adds Apple document support

Today, we're announcing version 1.3 of Paperfold. This update adds support for Apple Keynote, Numbers and Pages Tiles in the app. We've also added Tiles for Audio and Video attachments. This brings the total number of file attachments supported by the app to 26.

After introducing the Twitter Tiles in version 1.2 we've worked on several perfo...

Paperfold v1.2: Multiple Accounts & Twitter Follows!

15th April 2015

When we released the first version of Paperfold, we allowed you to sign in with a single email account, so that you could experience 'the fold’. We knew many of you used several emails accounts at the time however, so we got to work.

After several weeks of development, we ‘re glad to announce that our latest update to Paperfold, v1.2 now supp...

Meet the Developers: Paperfold

8th April 2015

Meet The Developers: Paperfold

For an opportunity to meet the Paperfold team and learn more about our email app, come along to our special event being held at the Apple Regent St. theatre on Wednesday 15th at 7pm.

We will announce version v1.2 of Paperfold for iPad which introduces several exciting new features. The update will be availabl...

Paperfold v1.1 is out now!

30th March 2015

Today, we're announcing the very first of our Paperfold updates!

After releasing Paperfold v1.0, we've been taking on feedback from users and have worked on improving several aspects of the app.

This v1.1 update brings the following:

-Major performance improvements

We've cut down the time it takes for you to see emails when you sign...

Paperfold v1.0 is here!

11th February 2015
Paperfold v1.0 is here!

Today, we're proud to announce the first public release Paperfold v1.0 for iPad.

Sign in with a single email account and fold through your emails.

Paperfold shows your email inbox using tiles, spread across the whole screen of your iPad. With more space to see and take action on your messages, emails become easier to identify and access.